The Projects Keep Expanding

It all started with the plan to expand the old raised herb bed on the south side of the house.  Besides one last load of block and a bit more soil, that’s mostly complete.  I’ll be getting another load of manure today.

In the process of the project, I realized that perhaps the small bed in the front of the house needed cleaning up and a small expansion.  After all, I could use the sod I removed from there to help fill the raised bed!

Then the north side garden needed cleaning out.  I’ve had various food crops mixed in that bed for the past few years (garlic, beet greens, cilantro, a couple onions, a number of volunteer tomatoes, a couple potatoes).  The thing got very messy and overgrown with ornamental alliums, so that needed to be dealt with and room made for more possibilities of food crops that can stand the bright, though mostly indirect light.

And then the bulbs came, and I realized that there just isn’t room for all of them in the existing beds.  So, working with some small rocks to define the space, I started a new slightly-raised bed around the apple trees in the front yard, wherein I can plant the overload of bulbs.

Then there’s the sort of ragged space that’s been filling in with weeds and a few coneflower escapees on the south side, above the herb bed.  I was out trimming everything back in there this morning and thinking a small raised bed would look good there, too, if I moved that yellow butterfly bush and managed to get every last heliopsis root out.

The problem, of course, is that the more the projects expand, the less likely it is that I’ll get them all done before the ground freezes.  I have to reign myself in a bit and realize that developing the gardens in the country took four years, and they’re not complete.

I could live in this house the rest of my life–and although it’s exciting to start these projects I’ve wanted to do for years, I don’t have to get everything done at once.


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