Hooray for COOL!

MSNBC reports that Country of Origin Labeling will now be required on most all fresh foods.

This is a real boon for local markets–letting consumers know just exactly how far their meat and produce has traveled, so they can make changes in their purchasing habits to include more items grown and produced closer to home.

The COOL law mandating such labels first passed in 2002, but lobbying by grocery stores and large meatpackers led Congress to delay the U.S. Department of Agriculture from implementing it. Seafood labeling was phased in first, in 2005 — a key change given recurring safety problems with fish and shellfish from certain countries, including China. [Associated Press 29-9-08]

Next stop? How about GMO labeling, so consumers can avoid genetically-modified Frankenfoods without forcing organic certification that drives prices up?


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