How Low Will it Go? **

Tonight’s lows in the Verm are projected in the mid-thirties, with “patchy frost” before 8am tomorrow.

I’m not buying it.  I’m not picking it.  I’ll throw a cover over my lowest row of peppers and survey the damage, if any, when I go out Thursday to very slowly and deliberately, without straining my neck, prepare for the second-to-last farmers market of the season.

But I’d recommend anyone north of here to cover or pick if you haven’t already.  Maybe those in the lower-lying areas as well–cold air moves downhill and pools in the valleys.

**UPDATE: NOAA Weather forecast is now warning of “Widespread Frost before 9am” Thursday morning in this area.

Ahh, crud.  Guess I’d better go pick and cover what’s still going strong.  At least it’s a nice day for that kind of work. Plan on seeing me at market tomorrow (Thursday).  I’m going to fill all my extra clam shell boxes with assorted cherry tomatoes and bring a few canned goodies as well.  I guess if I do most of it today, I’ll have partially recovered my flexibility by tomorrow afternoon!


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