Maybe Better/Maybe Worse

So, when I saw the NOAA forecast updated to “widespread frost,” I threw off my cavalier attitude, cancelled my massage therapy appointment, and went out to pick and cover.

I didn’t do everything–just picked everything starting to ripen (OK, and took every tiny eggplant), and planned a foray out tomorrow monring to survey the damage.  I started covering the peppers and thought I should mow down the sort-of-tallish weeds next to them.

Yeah–not such a great idea to try to start a pull-cord mower with a banged-up neck.  And then the cord was doing this funky whiplash thing where it pulled right back at me. CRACK went my neck.

I gave up, covered the peppers in a sort of shaky daze, and wandered back up to see H. and then hit the road back to town.  The funny thing was, for once my neck didn’t hurt while driving.  So either I did a self- adjustment, or I’m going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow.  I feel good now, though!


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