Yay! Dakota Day!

Fun parade this morning–the gods waited ’til the end to unleash the rain.  Lots of politicking–my policy with my son is no political stickers, bags, necklaces, etc., though I did pick up a Stephanie Herseth frisbee for dog park play (which I tucked discretely under my arm).  M. got a bead necklace from the Higman campaign, so we tore the stickers off, and he wore it for about five minutes until it broke.

Candy was plentiful–M. wore his 6-pocket pants (and H. donated one of his cargo pockets for the overflow), so our candy stash is replenished for about another year.  I was thankful for his cooperation in emptying his loot into a big bowl, so I can ration it out a couple pieces at a time.

Stopped by the Tim Johnson tailgate for a bit and met our Democratic Senator and his wife, Barb, for the first time (H. is an old friend of the Johnsons).  This afternoon is the big game, of course, and tonight–the flagship Vermillion Area Arts Council event–Chili Blues!

(At least I think so–I visited their website, and they haven’t posted a time for the event.  I’m guessing 5:30 or 6pm ’til the food’s gone and the dancin’s over.)

Update: I ran into a current VAAC Board Member at Jones’ and Chili Blues is on for 6pm tonight.  See you there!


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  1. Posted by Kelsey on October 12, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    We had to go to a wedding and I missed Chili Blues for the first time in like a decade. I feel like I didn’t have a real D-Days:(

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