Balsamic-Roasted Red Onions!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been buying up baskets and crates-full of certified organic “Mars” red onions from local grower Patti Bancroft for myself and the CSA members.  I use a lot of onions in my kitchen, but mostly as a base flavoring or condiment.

Mars Red Onions

Mars Red Onions

Yesterday for Freemans’ Fall Lamb Roast, I decided to make a side-dish that would highlight those red beauties’ great flavor and lovely color.  I found the recipe in the first cookbook I pulled off the shelf: Fields of Greens, by Annie Sommerville.

This isn’t usually one of my go-to cookbooks–it’s more of a flight of fancy to think about making some of the amazing dishes described in its pages.  The reason is that many of the ingredients in the recipes are not readily available in this area, or if they are, they’ve been sitting on the grocery store shelves for some time.  I do grow some of the veggies described therein, but during the growing season, I’m more likely to fall back on some quick and easy preparation I’ve got in my head.

But yesterday’s party called for something special: whole red onions, peeled, oiled, and roasted until tender, then quartered and drizzled with a reduction made with the pan drippings and balsamic vinegar.  I added a little of my own touch as well–in addition to the simple salt-and-pepper seasoning called for in the recipe, I snipped some fresh rosemary leaves over the top.

Lots of compliments on the dish at the party–they went really well with the roasted lamb.  But there were still a few left over in the dish at the end of the night.  This morning I made omelets for H. and I with Justice’s eggs from Jones’, melted baby Swiss, some of the balsamic onions chopped into strips, and a seasoning of salt, pepper, and nutmeg.  Oh, my.

I’ve still got a few of those roasted onions left–I’m thinking a homemade pizza would make a good showcase.  Or maybe a pasta dish with a bit of feta or blue cheese.  What wonderful creations would you make with them?


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