Light Frosting (Plant Garlic & Shallots Now!)

I jumped out of bed this morning, threw on my fluffy robe and pink fuzzy slippers (yeah–wanna make somethin’ of it?) and ran outside to check the temperature.  It was in the high thirties by the time I got out, but running my fingernail along my truck windshield yielded a fold of the frosty stuff.

Haven’t gotten out to the farm yet–we are in a protected area here in town, but I’m guessing the country gardens are looking decidedly droopy.  Yesterday afternoon I picked a couple of my 102 quart marine coolers full of green tomatoes and peppers, and I yanked out all the chili and sweet pepper plants.

After talking to my mom on the phone (who is also in this position), I realized that because of the extended season, I hadn’t done much of the clean-up that I usually do in late September.  I’ve got a few things taken care of, but it has been an afterthought when I’m already out harvesting.

Hopefully this week I’ll get that second load of composted animal bedding that I put off after hurting my neck and get that new raised bed around the house filled up.  I’ll likely add a layer of leaves in there as well for extra organic matter.  After that, I’ll get my garlic and shallots planted as soon as possible.  They should’ve gone in last week, but since that injury, I’ve pushed back everything not absolutely necessary and am tackling these fall projects a bit more slowly.


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