Give the Ladies Some Cover

The Lady Bird Beetles (a.k.a. Lady Bugs) are swarming.  Though they do try to get in houses (especially light-colored houses), they generally over-winter outside in lawn and garden debris.

I know the orange Asian Lady Beetles aren’t very popular because of their nasty pinch, but both the red ones we’re used to and the pinchy ones love to eat aphids, so if you want to keep your garden healthy and aphid-free, give them some winter cover.

I’ve been gathering buckets of leaves along the curbside and dumping them on my garden beds to give them someplace to hide out besides my house, where they’re not so welcome.


One response to this post.

  1. And they have arrived not a moment too soon. Until they got here, I thought my neighborhood was going to be completely overrun with swarming gnats.

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