Last CSA Delivery of the Season!

I’ve got much of the delivery already at home–the apples, sweet peppers, and butternut squash.  But it’s going to be a rather miserable day for harvesting what’s still in the field–kale, leeks, daikon radish.

It’s cold, rainy, and miserable out there.  Not that I haven’t harvested in these conditions before, but it’ll be interesting to see how much mud I can track into the house from those root crops!  Maybe I can leave them outside for awhile to let the rainwater rinse them?

Still, that’ll give me a good excuse to say it’s finally time to give the floors a good cleaning–most of the season I simply sweep.  Now the scrub brush can come out and the fall cleaning can begin in earnest.

It’s always a reflective time of year for me–to look back over the season and think about what I’ve accomplished (and what I didn’t) over the months since I started planting out in late March.

While the delivery season starts in mid-May and lasts for five and a half months or so, the logistics are a year ’round process.  If you think of the actual outdoor work, the season stretches seven months–if you think of the season as beginning when the first seed is planted under lights in mid-February, then it’s eight and a half months of planting, tending, transplanting, and weeding.

Well, enough tallying of the months of labor.  It’s time to get wet and muddy!


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