Fall Cleaning

It’s another chilly, wet fall day, and I’ve been working on household projects put off for months in the frenzy of the growing season.  I have finally gained sight of the top of my coffee table, after tossing or filing several pounds of paper–receipts and statements and art projects and report cards and pictures.

Coffee Table & Horse Chestnuts

Coffee Table & Horse Chestnuts

The desk is next–I can’t put any of the papers removed from the coffee table in there until I clean that out, too.  Correspondence is a big storage issue for me–I keep most all letters received, and though letters are few and far between these days, I do keep up a couple regular correspondences that I loathe to lose even one stamp from–my dear friend Matt in Seattle, whose letters are artful and full of wonderful tidbits of our shared and separate histories, and more recently, letters from Swaziland written by my close friend Jen, who is working in the Peace Corps there.

Another fall project I’ve turned my attention to in the past few days: it’s time to pull out the winter clothes and store some warmer-season apparel.  This will entail a few bags being donated to the Civic Council from both my and my son’s wardrobes and probably another bag of scraps or rags to save for other household projects and against the day I start learning how to sew and quilt.

The general idea behind these fall projects is to clear out the clutter, but there are so many things I can’t seem to part with–the bowl of horse chestnuts for which I have no immediate use (and don’t plan to grind, leach several times, and then try to eat), the letters, cards, and how-to information I could likely find any day on the internet, the detritus of all the projects and plans of the past several years.

But I’ll do a little–get some of those boxes cleared out of the basement, a couple bags of clothes to the Civ, a crate of newspapers and magazines for the recycling center–get all that raw and processed material out of my own space and back into the universe where it will get another go-round in the world of matter of energy.


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