Autumn Winds

We woke this morning with the knocking of the honeysuckle trellis against the side of the house, and a small clacking rain of little leaves and branches: the winds of autumn are in force today, and outside work is an impossibility.

Still, myself and other sustainable gardeners have been hoping for this day of leaf-rain so that we can gather up those treasures of fertility for our compost piles and leaf-mold bins.  It’s a bittersweet time, when our psyches cling to the seemingly everlasting autumn days, the brightly-colored spectacle, the afternoons of sallying forth from the house without several restrictive layers between our skins and the sun.

But we know the winter is coming, and we know that those leaves must fall, and we must take what little time we have to finish all the projects, gather up the leaves, plant the spring bulbs deep, fill the holes and gaps with caulk and insulation against the biting winds and snow.


One response to this post.

  1. Today would be a great day for wind turbines, that’s for sure.

    The 19th century Vermillion-ites must have been so bummed when they found out they couldn’t keep their whole town down by the river because of flooding. Relocating up here on the bluffs, where the wind blows wicked fierce — probably didn’t seem too appealing.

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