Mine! All Mine! Bwahahaha!

I do love doing the CSA and the farmers market, and selling and delivering all those lovely veggies to members of the community.  I love to feed people good food.  It makes my day to know people are eating well on the good things I’ve grown.

But at this point in the year, when the market and the CSA are done, and I walk out in the garden, a thought suddenly occurs to me: It’s All MINE!  All that KALE!  All those GREEN ONIONS!  All that ARUGULA!  Mine!  As much as I want!  A gallon bag of parsley!  Five bunches of green onions!  A whole basket of peppers turning sweet and red!  Two gallons of tender little wild kale leaves!  MINE!

Wild Garden Kale

Wild Garden Kale

Tonight’s menu featured a big mound of kale, stir-fried with elephant garlic and a little Worchestershire sauce.  There were rare-ish burgers from the grass-fed steer quarter we got last fall, and sweet peppers and onions caramelized in the pan around them.  We piled all of it on thick slices of the oatmeal beer bread I made last weekend, and the dog even got a few scraps of leftovers.

Today was an incredibly busy day, and the big, hearty meal was well-deserved.  I spent a lot more time in my truck than usual, dropping off bags at the Civic Council (known locally as “The Civ”), picking out and picking up my new storm door, removing the old screen door, piling a bunch of crazy old crud in the truck and making my once-yearly dump run.

I pickled a couple jars of sweet peppers, picked the aforementioned kale, green onions, and parsley, and made two drop-offs at the recycling trailer to clear out all those #1 and #2 plastic clamshell boxes that have piled up in my basement over the past several months.

There was a load of laundry in there too, and cleaning out one of the big coolers and piling the rest of the sweet peppers in the aforementioned basket, where they’ll have a little more airflow.  I took the dog to the dog park, where she frisked with a couple high-energy sled dogs.

All in all, a great, long, sunny, productive day.  It’s just amazing what I can accomplish when the internet’s down ’til after supper!


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