There’s a Bright Golden Haze on the Meadow

This morning is so idyllic, it can hardly be expressed in words on a page.  Temperatures are creeping toward the seventies; the sunshine is golden in the leaves on the trees.  I realized I hadn’t yet changed the calendars over with all the weekend activities–it’s November!  How do we get so lucky with this weather?

My neighbor John down the block is out playing football in the street with the big boys; my little one and I shuffled through the satisfying crackle of leaves to his friend’s house to play for an hour or so.

We had a lovely turnout for the Farmers Market Harvest Soup Supper last night–the music was great, the food was fantastic, and lots of folks even stuck around to help clean up, so we got the place spic and span and were out of there in an hour–plenty of time to have a nightcap of the almond liqueur I got for processing the pears, and for M. and I to play a rousing game of Uno.

Halloween was a blast–trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with all the other ghouls, goblins, and super heroes and bringing home quite a haul of goodies.  Had a nice time at Chas and Collete’s party, and met some neat new people as well.

Altogether, a banner weekend to ring in the holiday season.  Next stop: Thanksgiving!


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