Whoops! Here Comes Winter!

In the midst of all the drooling over election numbers and parsing out what those South Dakota numbers mean, I kind of neglected to notice that we’re about to get a taste of something kind of ugly.

In case you are tragically geographically inept, that big red spot in the middle of the country is a blizzard warning, not the places McCain beat Obama, and the biggest part of that big red splotch is in South Dakota.

I’m sure our friends over at Voices Crazy (sorry, not linking) will ascribe the upcoming blizzard to God’s Wrath at our state voting down their abortion ban, but no matter: it’s time to batten down the hatches and bring in all that patio furniture (or, in my case, the boat, the bike, the lawnmower, etc.).

I know it’s sunny and 68 degrees now, but it looks like the rain will start this afternoon, and possibly change to snow/sleet by tomorrow night.


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