Snow! Cold! Local Food Directories!

There are some days when I think being a postal carrier would be a pleasant job.  Today is not one of them.  I was just outside with the dog, and saw my “mail lady” making her rounds, hunched and seeming to shiver (though maybe that was me) as she made her way over the slippery, snow-crusted ground, the wind howling all about her.

Ugh.  You always know this is going to happen, but those lovely, sun-warmed autumn days seem to stretch on and on until you take for granted, without realizing it, that the golden days will go on forever.  Then you wake up to this grey bone-chilling frigid wasteland, and it hits you that it’s all over ’til spring.

Time to make cozy–a.k.a. making soup.  I have some Bluebird locker sausages in the freezer, some potatoes in the basement, and some leeks in the fridge.

I also need to get on the last bit of pears, after having located a melon baller at Jones’ Food Center yesterday.  I had resisted buying a new one after having struck out at the Civic Council.  I’d assumed the only place I would locate one was “the bad place.”  That place I avoid going if I possibly can–the place from which I absolutely refuse to buy groceries–even those I know I can’t find elsewhere in Vermillion.  But once again, Jonesies came through for me.

I met last night with Frank James, director of Dakota Rural Action.  I posted on their fine organization yesterday, and I’m really excited at the possibility of setting up a chapter down here in the Yankton/Clay/Union County area.

Their experience with environmental issues and local food systems could really be a boon to us here–the ability to share knowledge and network is priceless in these times, and I see great benefit in DRA’s avoiding partisan politics and focusing instead of how to keep things good and make things better for South Dakotans.

That said–Frank left me a big box of their great Local Food Directories.  They are working on a new edition, and trying to include as many new growers and producers as possible.  So, now that the new directory is in progress, it’s time to distribute as many of the old ones as possible.  I’m going to be dropping off stacks of these in as many public places as I can–the public library, coffee shops, maybe daycares and a couple places on campus.  If they’ll let me, I’ll leave off a few at Campbell’s Supply as well.


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