Saturnalia Saturday

Around our household, the weekend has a tendency to look very much like the weekdays–turn on the monitors, read the news, work on projects.  When you teach online, as I do, the “classroom” never closes–especially on the weekends before major projects are due.

This can be a little dangerous for workaholics like me, and necessitates a carving out of time and space to be away from the monitor, away from the classroom (and even, alas, away from the blog).  A six-day work week is probably plenty.

So, in honor of Saturday–Saturn’s Day–I’m going to have my own private (and early) Saturnalia and turn off the computer for the rest of the day in order to clean and clear out the house and make things bright and cheery for the holidays to come.

That’s perhaps not the original intent, which included eating, drinking, and merriment (I’ll get to that later this evening) and tomfoolery (I’ll work it in somehow), but maybe the preparations I make today can pave the way for more a more impressive Saturnalia on its original dates–December 17 (and later stretching through the 23rd, despite Augustus’ and Caligula’s efforts to restrict it).

Not sure how I’ll achieve the customary ostensible switching of roles between slaves and masters that the Romans embraced–we’re not much into subjugation around here–but maybe I can let the dog boss me around a little more than usual.  I’m still not letting her chase cats.

So, armed with the knowledge that “Io” is pronounced “Yo,” say it with me in Latin:

Io, Saturnalia!

..and get cracking on something fun.


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