Afternoon Jaunt–Union Grove State Park

Park Overlook Hill

Park Overlook Hill

This afternoon, Vega and I took a little jaunt out to the Garryowen area and Union Grove State Park.  It’s a lovely little state park, and quite easily within reach of Vermillion.  I hadn’t gotten out of town for months except for errands, so this was a special occasion.

Sumac Twigs

Sumac Twigs

Another good reason to make the trip–I hadn’t used my State Park sticker once since I purchased it up in Lake Herman for the South Dakota Blogger Accords.  I wanted to get a little more bang for those bucks.  Vega needs to shed a few pounds as well, so I thought a walk along the trails on a Monday afternoon would be a good way to get some exercise.

C'mon!  Let's go!

C'mon! Let's go!

It was perfect–not too chilly and lots of solitude for leash-less ramblings along the trails by Brule Creek and the upland parts as well.  We saw only one other vehicle, no other people, and a big flock of turkeys.

I’ve noticed that the Union Grove State Park sign is gone from the north-bound side of the interstate–at least I didn’t see one until I took the Spink/Akron exit, and the sign on Highway 48 pointed north from there.

Walking along the lovely Brule Creek, I couldn’t help but imagine with a shiver the devastation a local oil refinery could do to that peaceful landscape.  I encourage local readers to make their own visit to Union Grove and enjoy the beauty of that State Park, but also to consider what would happen there should Hyperion be allowed to run riot in Union County.


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  1. Posted by JNC on January 17, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    My grandfather had a farm, north of Spink, bordering Bruele Creek . We’d fish there with homemade poles. So many great memories.

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