Chicken-fried Bambi

All that foot-stomping and demanding carcasses from my man worked!  Last night, H. brought home a plastic bag with a big, bloody hunk of venison loin.


The nice thing about dredging meat in flour before you cook it is that then there’s already flour to make the gravy.  The nice thing about drinking red wine when you cook is that you have some left in your glass to use to bolster the flavor of the gravy.


I dredged in flour plus the usual salt and pepper and added garlic powder and ground chipotle.  Heated some butter in the cast iron skillet on medium-high, and fried the little tenderloin steaks quickly on each side.  I removed them to a plate in the oven to keep them warm, added a little more butter to the pan, then some of the leftover dredging flour, then a mix of about half red wine/half water.

To accompany the steaks and gravy, I simmered up some Lundberg Old World Pilaf Mix, which I’m incredibly fond of.  It has a few different rices–red and black and brown, plus some lentils and black-eyed peas that take about as long to cook as the rice.

I added to the rice a chicken bouillion cube and at the end of cooking also added the rest of that broccoli I’d thawed to make ham and broccoli quiche (plus some ham and broccoli and cheese sandwiches last night on onions buns from the Centerville Bakery with a dollop of zucchini relish I canned last year).

So, the broccoli’s gone, but there’s still venison and still ham, and there’s some leftover pilaf from tonight’s dinner as well.  Not sure yet what will become of the rest of the venison loin, but I do know that the ham and pilaf will go into the soup pot tomorrow with a few carrots, onions, and the remaining sweet peppers.  Maybe I could freeze some of that to take the burden of intensive meat consumption off us a little.  I wasn’t expecting Bambi when I bought that ham.

It might be good that Thanksgiving wasn’t at my house–it seems I have leftovers enough to last the week even without a stripped turkey carcass.


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  1. That looks great! I have a ton of venison in the freezer. I’ll have to give this a try.

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