Here’s Winter!

The reason the WordPress geeks think it’s cute to have that snowflake motif on the dashboard is that they don’t live here.  They live where it’s warm and they hardly ever actually get snow.

They also don’t get windchills in the -20s like we have today.  At least our highs will be in the single digits above zero.  The highs today where my son and his dad live will be in the double-digits below zero.  Yes, I said the highs.  The wind chills there will be in the minus thirties to forties.

My truck broke down a couple days ago–this was pretty much directly after I picked it up from getting the oil changed and ended up replacing the battery as well–the old one was leaking so badly it was eating the side of my radiator.  Now the master brake cylinder is shot.  I’m hoping after this repair is done, I’ll get a little reprieve from high-priced truck updates.

So, dangerously cold temps and no vehicle (well, H has a couple should the situation become desperate).  I’m glad the pantry is stocked and I’ve got no real reason to go anywhere except a meeting at the library at 2.  I’ll put on an extra layer and pull my hood strings tight and it’ll feel like the years I didn’t own a vehicle and walked everywhere, no matter the weather.


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