You Know it’s Cold When…

You bundle up as much as you can and run outside to get a path shoveled for the mailman before your fingers freeze off.

As he passes, you straighten up and say, “Good Morning,”

and he says:  “It’s horrible, isn’t it?”

It’s a sunny and bright 8 below zero this morning, but unlike most of this frigid state, we might actually hit zero today.  The projected high in the northeast coteau region is something like 12 below.

I got a small path shoveled for the mailman, but will have to go back out once my fingers thaw and my resolve stiffens to get the rest cleared.  Otherwise, I think I’ll enjoy the sunshine from inside the house.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Weather like this makes me want to not even bother getting out of my pjs and robe!

  2. Posted by Matt on December 15, 2008 at 11:59 am

    we had our first snow of the winter Saturday night . . . ’twas so poetic to watch medium sized flakes mozey on down and cover the hoods and curbs while my window steamed up from the orange peels cooking in sugar syrup. Woke up cold this morning, even though the heater is apparently working. And to think this is cold when I’m a week away from the Dakotas! Brrrrrrr.

  3. Am waiting for this afternoon to shovel, but feeling bummed at the thought of it all getting snowed on again tomorrow.

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