Road Trip!

I’m hitting the road to Brookings this afternoon for a Dakota Rural Action Small Farms Committee Meeting, then to points even farther north the next morning to pick up my boy for the weekend and a slightly early Christmas.

The weather looks a little shaky, but not too bad as long as we can make it back down here by Friday evening.  Saturday looks like a bad day to be on the road in Eastern SoDak–snow and strong wind which generally means zero visibility out on the highways and in open spaces (and there are a lot of open spaces).

Now that the truck has been in the shop for repairs and a new battery, I’m hoping my trusty green steed is up to the adventure.  It’s got a couple sandbags in back, and I’ve packed an emergency kit with warm clothes, blanket, extra mittens and hats. This may seem like overkill for a round trip of maybe six hours total, but it has been cold here, and it’s even colder up there.  It’s just a good idea to respect the weather in South Dakota.

I never take my little short-handled shovel out of the truck, so I’ve got one of those, too, for digging out of a drift or shoveling some of the sand from those sandbags under the tires.  I keep it in there in the summer, too, because it never hurts, when someone says you can have a section of some great plant, to have a ready way of digging out a chunk before they change their minds!

So, I’ll be attempting to hit the road this afternoon before the snow starts in order to get a little food in my stomach before the meeting.  I’ve been assured there’ll be some DRA-member couch to crash on tonight.  We’re going to be discussing the new edition of the local food book and the possibility of an all-South Dakota local food summit at that meeting–can’t wait!

Let the adventure begin!


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