More Updates in Farmers Market Food Stamps

I heartily apologize for the continual babble on this topic, but considering we’d be one of the first markets in SoDak to accept food stamps and perhaps debit cards, the information can be a little cloudy and/or hard to come by.

The wireless EBT machine: I’ve learned now that it basically operates like a cell phone.  From recent information updates, apparently the $1250 cost is for the machine itself (along with extra battery and 3-year warranty).

It’s kind of like signing a cell phone contract and getting a phone: you get to keep the machine, but you’re also signing a contract with (in this case) Verizon.  That comes to about $65/month along with per-transaction fees of 25 cents for food stamp purchases and 40 cents for debit purchases (don’t know about credit).

It sounds like you can go inactive and not have that monthly fee (nice for markets that don’t go year-round).  What I’m wondering now is, does eBay have used wireless EBT machines that would be cheaper?


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  1. Hey, this is not babble. You are apparently the first brave soul to go down this route in South Dakota, and your blogging will make it easier for others to follow.

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