Crunch Time

Today is crunch day–trying to get my spring online classes set up for the midnight deadline. While classes officially begin at 4pm tomorrow, my students have access starting tonight.  If not everything is set up just so, I will hear about it starting at whatever time I turn on my computer in the morning.

The comp classes are all set–everything ready and waiting.  Lit–not so much.  I have all the major introductory stuff on there, but I have to go in and add the unit content and change all the dates.  I’m going to cheat a little and not post the content for the poetry unit yet because I want to add some newer stuff, which means I need to write all-new lecture notes.

I’ve already let H. know I will not be preparing supper tonight, and lovingly suggested he bring something to eat when he comes (along with a little more wine–we seem to be low, and I have a long night ahead of me).  I am making bread–since I am on a serious budget knowing I’ll only have a week’s worth of paycheck to pay all the bills at the end of the month, and since the bread I make is better than anything that can be purchased at the store.

Today’s loaves are the simple kind–two cups warm liquid (half milk, since that’s what I had), 2 teaspoons or maybe a tablespoon of yeast (whatever I thought looked right at the time), plus fat (butter), salt, and sweetener (molasses today).  Threw in two cups of white flour and beat, loosening my shoulders from computer work.

Then beat in whole wheat flour, a little at a time, until the dough pulled from the sides of the bowl.  Turned out onto a floured counter and kneaded with white flour again.  This way, the loaf is at least half whole wheat.  Enough to get grainy goodness while still ensuring a decent rise–especially in a chilly kitchen.

Anyhow, the bread is almost ready to go in the pans, and it’s had two rises (is that a raise?), so it should be ready in a little over an hour.  With a little over six hours to go before student access commences, a strong need to shower, and a gowing desire to eat something tasty, here’s hoping it all comes together smoothly.

Oh–and good news: I got a scholarship to the MOSES organic conference in Lacrosse, so no more worries about how I’m going to fulfill my self-made obligation to finally get there after a decade of saying “maybe.”

It also looks like the SD farmers market workshop in Brookings, originally scheduled for the last day of that MOSES conference, is going to be rescheduled for the Saturday before (Feb. 21st).  Not sure I’ll make it to that, but now at least there’s a possibility.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats on the MOSES scholarship!

    Hey, I think it’s a low-budget eating kind of day. Tonight we’re going to be eating bean, cheese and brown rice burritos. The beans have simmered all afternoon with garlic, epazote, and chipotle peppers. Great reciipe from The Border Cookbook, a wonderful U.S. Mexican cookbook.

  2. Online course content: Lying down with a vague intention to sleep last night, I suddenly realized I hadn’t checked the online exams I had imported from last semester to this semester on D2L to make sure I had changed their release dates. I had visions of students checking D2L in the morning and finding the answers to all of the quizzes and exams available. Ack!

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