Eat More: Home Canning

I’m thinking “Eat More:” could be a series–starting with the parsnips I posted on the other day….

Now that H. has constructed new shelves in my pantry (well, he did it awhile ago), I decided to bring all the rest of my canning upstairs, see what I have and if it all fits on the shelves, and figure out what we need to eat more of.

Turns out we need to eat more of just about everything–pickles, fruits butters and jellies, tomato sauce, ratatouille, you name it.  We haven’t even cracked one jar of those exploded spiced whole crab apples.  I think I need to have a toast and tea brunch sometime soon just to get through some of the pear butter, spiced peach butter, and crab apple jelly.

That might be a good way to use that goat butter we found at Jones’, too, though I’m not sure how well toast and tea goes with Bloody Marys, which is what I planned on using those quarts of pickled asparagus spears for.  Maybe that’s another brunch, a little closer to spring (but before the new asparagus starts coming up).

I had worried, as I always do, that I wouldn’t have enough tomato sauce canned.  Turned out I had more than a case in the basement plus what I already had in the pantry–I haven’t been using it as much this winter as I usually do what with the big yogurt containers full of tomatoes still in the freezer.

Salsa is plentiful, too, but I canned it in wide-mouth half pints, so those will likely go fast once we start digging into it.  I canned so much salsa in 2007 that we’re still on our last jar from that batch.  Because I use lemon juice instead of vinegar, my salsa doesn’t keep as long in the fridge once it’s opened, but I think the flavor is better and fresher-tasting.

Anyhow, the canning did all fit on the shelves (barely) until I remembered that a friend had dropped off three pints of preserved grapefruit segments and a quart of Asian pears the other day as a belated Christmas gift.  I guess we really do need to start eating more to make room!


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