Back to Work

Well, of course we’ve been working all along, right?

I keep re-watching that Pete Seeger/Tao Rodriguez/Bruce Springsteen video in my last post.  If you haven’t watched it, you should.  I think I want to adopt Pete Seeger as my new grandpa.  His performance makes me chuckle with delight.

Other than that, I’m working on classes–repsonding to posts and making sure everyone submits in open document formats (USD has a contract with Microsoft–meaning everything that comes out of there now is in proprietary formats unless the person thinks to convert).

That whole deal makes me crazy–um, we could all be using Open Office for FREE!  How about that for cutting costs?  Everyone else in the world has figured out Bill Gates doesn’t own the internet, but we haven’t.  Wonder how many people could be employed or stay employed by the state if we weren’t shelling out for that ridiculous contract.

Speaking of contracts, I’m also looking through the USDA application to accept food stamps–the print version.  If you’re a farmers market, you pretty much have to use the print version even though they are kind of grumpy about sending it out (phone: 877-823-4369 to get one).

And whaddayaknow?  It even says on the print instructions to skip down to question 11 if you’re a non-profit/cooperative.  In the online version, if you skip anything, you can’t even get to the next page.  But now that I look through the application, it’s pretty straightforward.  I’m going to meet with some of the farmers market board this weekend (and separately with everyone who can’t make it then), and then it’ll be time to get it in the mail.

Then the heavy grant work begins.  It’s kind of exciting to work through this process, but I’m also hankering to work my hands in a little soil.  While it’ll be in the 40s today, it will be a couple months before the ground can be worked.  So paperwork it is!


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  1. I felt just the same way about Pete Seeger! How adorable was he?! and still just bursting with energy! And what it must have meant to him to have his particular gifts to the world re-invested with value by the new president. I couldn’t stop grinning.

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