Little Treasures

I’m not much of a rummage-saler, since during the rummage sale season I’m usually busy in the gardens, but I did manage to pick up this little treasure at the Arts Council rummage this morning.


I think this patch would look sweet on the arm of my biker jacket if I can find a good needle to break through that heavy leather.

Prices are marked pretty low–I offered a buck for this patch, and I think they thought I was paying too much.  It’s for a good cause, though, and it’s definitely worth a dollar to me.

There’s other cool stuff down there, including an old 3×5″ manual printing press and some handmade bowls left over from last year’s VAAC Soup Supper.  But funds are tight, so the patch was enough for me.

The sale goes until two this afternoon, so head down, find cool stuff, and support the arts in the Vermillion area.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You can wear that patch very proudly. The Izaak Walton League has done outstanding work to preserve our natural resources, especially in the Midwest. All the members I have met epitomize the ideal of the conservation-minded hunter/angler, but they are getting older, and could really use someone your age putting their name in public.

  2. You need a glover’s needle (or leather needle) for that job…..

    I grew up down the road from an Izaak Walton league preserve, so we spent lots of time on that land. I have fond memories of the IW’s annual fisheree and other winter activities.

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