Snailnet & Seed Orders

Slow internet today is making me crazy.  It’s taking about five minutes even to load an e-mail, never mind respond to it.  This means I’ll be working late into the evening, hoping the series of tubes clears out a bit.  One of the occupational hazards of teaching online, I guess.

So, I’ve been doing other small errands–a mailing to some of my CSA and market customers, some time on the treadmill, making a second seed order through Johnny’s Selected Seeds.  They are one of my main suppliers for seed, though my need to order decreases slightly every year as I save more and more of my own seed, overwinter certain cold-hardy crops, and work toward a higher level of sustainability.

Today’s order was mostly cool-weather crops–spinach, sugar snap peas, some pointy-headed cabbage, bok choy.  I didn’t grow bok choy last year for some reason I can’t remember, but the year before I had the most gorgeous big heads of the stuff.  I am back to ordering the baby bok choy again this year because they have a great flavor and are slightly less intimidating for small households and people who haven’t tried it before.

This year I am going to grow Super Sugar Snap instead of the old daddy Sugar Snap peas.  Super Sugar is open-pollinated as well, supposedly “improved” (though I’ll be the judge of that in my garden), less susceptible to powdery mildew (which is what always takes out the Sugar Snaps), and is not as tall.

That’s nice because I generally have to lash the six or seven foot Sugar Snap vines to the trellis and they still out grow it, cascading down and generally flopping all over the place, which makes them harder to pick efficiently.  I don’t mind so much, really–that’s their nature, but I figure I’ll try Super Sugar this year and decide if I want to stay with that or go back to the old favorite.

Well, it’s about time to take Vega down to the dog park and then off to yoga.  Hopefully I can actually get some course work done this evening.


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