Knee-deep in composition drafts these last couple of days, so I pulled out the crockpot yesterday, browned some of the last of last year’s quarter of grass-fed steer, rendered some very lean local bacon, then added spices, homegrown tomato sauce, can of pinto beans, local onions and peppers, etc. and dumped everything in the crockpot for a chili dinner.

It was fabulous!  I’ve started adding a little cinnamon to my last few batches of chili, and it really deepens and enriches the flavor (a little smoky chipotle helps, too).  We both ate a couple bowls last night with bread and cheese, and this morning there was only one little bowl left.

Knowing that wouldn’t be enough for both of our lunches, I started up the saute pan and made chili-cheese omelets for breakfast.  Afterward, in a state of glorious satiation, I started thinking about how many animal products we’d just consumed: beef, bacon, butter (for the pan), eggs, milk (to make the omelets fluffy), and cheese.

I’m thinking tonight’s dinner should probably be a bit lighter.  Just meditating on the amount of saturated fat (even given the leanness of the beef and bacon) in that meal is enough to make my heart hurt.

But it sure was tasty.


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