One Member

I guess you can’t really call it a proper CSA if you only have one member, but after much thought, I have decided to take on just one member for a pared-down, newsletter-less informal vegetable delivery this season.

This isn’t going to be like last year, where I planned only one or two, or five, and ended up with ten members.  I have made other decisions about the gardens this year that will prevent me from doing that even if I wanted to.

The reason for taking on this one member has more to do with her mobility issues in getting to the market and her great appreciation for having the fresh veggies brought to her after having lived for years in a place where fresh local food was more easily procured.

After my decision to discontinue the CSA this season, I kept thinking about her and how much she appreciated the deliveries and how much I enjoyed visiting with her on my weekly rounds.

My other members are capable of getting themselves to the market without too much difficulty (and I certainly hope they do!).  Many of them already made a point of coming to the market to see what everyone else was growing and producing–filling in their delivery from me with other fresh, local ingredients (and sometimes just craving more of what I’d delivered that week).

So, this year is about research and development instead of full-scale production: shoveling more manure, converting more of the gardens to no-till, using green manures and biodynamics and compost teas of various kinds–all of those things I’ve planned on doing but never had quite enough time to accomplish on the scale I’d like.


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