Steady and Responsible

I had this wild idea earlier today that I could take off Friday morning and spend the weekend in my old stomping grounds on the Rosebud–take the dog and hike in Crazy Horse Canyon, see my friends, check out the Sinte greenhouse.

But then I started working, and I realized there’s just too much to be done.  On the one hand, this weekend will be the only one this month I’m not committed to something, on the other hand, this weekend will be the only one this month I’m not committed to something.  In other words–the only weekend I’ll be able to get a good amount of necessary work done around the house in preparation to start seeds in about two weeks.

The work right now seems overwhelming, but I am making good progress.  I’ve managed to get through over one hundred student reading responses and reactions on Kate Chopin (plus numerous student e-mails); I’ve made a start on the basement cleaning project; I’ve done a lot of cleaning upstairs as well.  I’ve made meals and washed dishes and done laundry.

I did this today because we were out of bread and because I wanted something easy for dinner that did not involve spending money or leaving the house:

3 loaves and a pizza

3 loaves and a pizza

I was making bread anyway, and decided on making four small loaves.  Took one of those rising loaves for the pizza crust, and cooked down a quick sauce with home-canned tomatoes and herbs, plus onions, cheese, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes reconstituted in water left in the kettle from afternoon tea.  A few pickled sweet peppers went on top as well.

Of course, now I need to do the dishes again.  I’m going to finish the last of those Chopin reading responses tonight and save the Tim O’Brien ones for tomorrow and the next day–taking breaks to haul stuff out of the basement and vacuum up the cobwebs.  I hope by Sunday to be able to fully access my light shelf and seed-starting supplies, so I can sterilize the trays and have room to mix the potting soil.

Steady as she goes.


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