Vermillion Area Farmers Market Receives SNAP Permit!

This morning I received our Farmers Market Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program permit in the mail.  What a great Valentine’s Day present!

This brings us one step closer (and the biggest step, at that) to accepting EBT/food stamps at our farmers market here in Vermillion.  I’ve been calling all the board members to share the excitement.


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  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. I have been reading about your “Changing Pricing Strategies at Farmers Markets” in Farmers’ Markets Today. I took a look at your website and have a couple of questions concerning EBT acceptance. Here in Danville we are researching this same method of payment. Do you plan on each farmer having an EBT machine or is there going to be a central person to swipe the cards? If using a central person, are you going to use tokens, scrips or recepts? Good luck with your venture. I know from personal experience it is not an eacy task to start this program.

    Liz Whittaker
    Recreation Program Supervisor
    The Crossing
    629 Craighead Street
    Danville, VA 24540

  4. Posted by flyingtomato on February 16, 2009 at 8:16 pm


    The state only provides one wired machine (free) per applicant, but we are planning on purchasing a wireless machine for our market, which will cost $1250 plus a monthly contract fee of about $65, but will allow us to accept both EBT and debit. It will also allow us to bypass the paper voucher system and calling for authorization on food stamps (we don’t have electricity or phone line on-site).

    Our plan is to have a market manager booth with the machine set up there. Those who wish to use debit or EBT can pick up a receipt form at the market manager’s booth that will have spaces for vendors to fill in the amount of purchase and their farm/business name. When the customer is done shopping, they return to the manager’s booth to check out. That way, we reduce the number of transactions (as wireless has a per-transaction fee). Using the receipt, the market manager then has the information to reimburse the vendors at the end of the market day.

    We’re a small market, so we think this strategy will work, but we haven’t actually done it yet, so we may have to tweak the system a bit once we get going this season.


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