Simple Lemon Marmalade

This was really easy and it tastes really good.

I took one of the aforementioned fresh, unwaxed, thin-skinned lemons and cut off its naughty bits (that is, both ends).

Then I sliced it thinly, preserving all the juice–dumping it in a bowl and removing the seeds.  Then I chopped all those thin slices.  Threw all the juice and chopped-up bits in a saucepot with about a cup of white sugar (yeah, it’s a lot).

Simmered it down ’til it was thick, and added a capful of vanilla extract (real, of course–don’t let me even hear of you using the fake stuff) and a grating of fresh nutmeg.  Scalded a half-pint jar, dried it, and dumped in the contents.  Put the lid and cap on and let it cool on the counter.

It’s not officially “canned,” of course–I didn’t give it a boiling water bath or anything.  The lid pinged as it cooled, but we all know that’s not good enough and it has to live in the fridge.  Still, it’s a pretty, tasty thing.  And yet another jar of yummy homemade stuff in the fridge.

I really need to have a brunch soon…


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