I’m finally back in Vermillion after an exhausted alternator left myself and my riding buddy stranded in Albert Lea, Minnesota for a couple of hours this afternoon on the way back from La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We were rescued by my MOSES organic conference roomie, who had taken off just ahead of us this morning, but who was about an hour ahead by the time we figured out the car wasn’t going anywhere.

It’s a changed scene around here–we left on Wednesday evening ahead of a projected ice and snow storm, and conditions are no longer the springlike balminess of then.  There’s a coating of ice dripping from every road sign, a cruel cold, and a new inch or two of snow as well, but it’s a relief to be back in my snug warm house with the onion and leek seedlings poking through in their flats.

There’s lots to share from the conference, but it’s too close and I’m too tired to write much about it now.  My literature is spread out across the couch after having gotten dusted with snow, and my clothes and toiletries are still in my traveling bags.

Tomorrow I meet with a small group of college students doing a project on locavorism (locavoraciousness?), and I need to start catching up from a class-free few days.  I’m sure there’s more than a few plaintive cries in my inbox–though of course I gave fair warning of my absence before I left, and worked ahead a bit as well.

I’m sipping the last bit of a simple barley-and-stock soup, and then I think a hot welcome-home shower is in order before the absolute best part of coming home: sinking into my very own bed for some much-needed rest!


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  1. Posted by Frank on March 2, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    Sorry to hear about your car trouble. It was a great conference and it was fun running into between sessions both of us excited and sometimes about completely different things.
    Now I can’t wait for spring.

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