Gonna Get Me a Walking Tractor…

I’ve been reading about and thinking about walking tractors for a long time.

But this is not what I’m talking about. I found it on Geekologie though, and I thought it was pretty funny.

What I’m talking about is an engine on two wheels, to which you can attach many wonderful implements (including a cart with another two wheels, which will let you ride the thing at about 8.3 mph up from the field).

It kind of looks like a big rototiller without the actual tiller part.  Unless you attach the tiller part, that is. Or you can attach the snowblower part, or the chipper/shredder part, or one of the various types of mower parts, or even the little round baler part. There’s even a little sulky seat so you can turn it into a riding mower.

It’s what many of the small European market farmers use, and to my knowledge most, if not all of them are made in Europe. When I saw one at the MOSES Conference, I very nearly wet myself with glee.  You don’t see a walking tractor around these parts.  But apparently you can see one now because there’s a dealer in Sioux Falls, and another in Huron.

I’ve been looking for the right-sized piece of machinery to let me do some of the more onerous tasks around the farm a little (no, actually, a LOT) more efficiently.  A walking tractor can take a farmer up to five or more acres of intensive vegetable production, and frankly, if I got that big, well then I guess I could trade up for a “real” tractor.


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