Yes, I’m Growing!

Living in a small town, sometimes rumors get started that are only partially true.  For those who’ve heard I’m not growing this year–no, I AM growing this year; I am just not doing the CSA (vegetable deliveries for farm members).

I find it slightly ironic that in the year I finally decided to take a sabbatical from the CSA part of my small sustainable vegetable-growing operation, I’ve got two people who are committed to growing with me.

That’s not going to change my mind about taking the year off from the CSA (though I’ve been told if I started soliciting now, I could get all the members I want).  I really need to stave off the burnout and work more on the projects and experiments I’ve planned, but never had time to do in the full-scale production that is the CSA experience for a solo farmer.

So, I’m calling this season a research and development year.  I pulled a lot of information out of the MOSES organic conference in La Crosse last weekend, and I’m adding that to the various projects I’ve had on tap already.  Along with my helpers/interns/partners/friends, I’ll be growing all kinds of great produce, and I think I’ll be able to do a better job of it as well.

Too, without the CSA, I am projecting I’ll have a lot more in terms of quantity and variety to bring to the Vermillion Area Farmers Market (bring your debit card!), and I may even venture west to the downtown Yankton market on Saturdays as well.

Which reminds me–it’s about time to start the peppers and eggplant down on the basement light shelf.  I’m going to have to return my friend’s light timer as well.  Peppers and eggplant like their feet a little warmer, and if I plug my seedling heat mat into the same power strip as the three lights on the timer, the heat will go off at night!

Ahh, logistics.


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  1. “Research and development year” — a wonderful concept of which more people should avail themselves! 🙂

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