Urrrgh. Acid.

Once again the acid hit me. I’m usually healthy as a horse, but every once in awhile I get killer acid stomach.  This is why I can’t eat avocados, but it also sometimes hits me when I have too much dairy fat or eggs on an empty stomach.

Today I made a couple awesome grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch–homemade whole wheat beer bread (part of a Moose Drool I couldn’t finish and still drive over to help a friend pack up his dad’s house) with some artisan applewood smoked cheddar I picked up in Wisconsin.

But, the combo of cheese and butter on the aforementioned empty stomach laid me low for a couple hours.  Don’t remember how long it has been since I’ve taken a nap, but today it wasn’t an option not to–curled up in a ball of agony.  Luckily, my dear sweet son simply curled up with me and said, “Mom, it’s OK if we don’t go to the library.”

But, we still made it there–at least for about twenty minutes before the lights went out and we had to leave.  By that time, the acid was in retreat, and once the library closed, we headed over to Jones’ to pick up a free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken to roast for dinner.

That’s in the oven now, surrounded by chunks of carrot and parsnip tossed with olive oil and Russian seasoning.  Finally, my tummy is settled enough to eat something mild, and we’ve got a couple movies to chill out with for the rest of the evening.


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