Seed-Starting Mix and Wormlings

Having finally gotten through all the novel essay critiques late this morning, I’ve decided to start the tomatoes.  I’d planned to wait until the waxing phase of the moon about a week from now, but I’m getting way too antsy for that.

First, I’ll have to blend another batch of seed starting mix, having used up all of the first batch in the first few rounds of seed-starting.  I’d thought I’d have to go out to one of the local construction companies for a bucket of sand, but H came up with a broken sand bag for me to use.

Last week, I found a wide-gauge screen attached to a wooden frame at the Civic Council, and I’m considering using that to screen the vermicompost and add some of that to my latest mix.  I haven’t quite figured out where or how I’m going do that project yet, but I’m pretty sure wherever I do, I’ll create a big mess.

What works in my favor is that the red worms hate light, so they burrow away from it, allowing me to scrape away the outside of the compost pile. Unfortunately, the teeny little baby worms are a bit slower, and more likely to get tossed in the wrong pile.

I don’t know what will happen if I make seed starting mix that has tiny worms and worm eggs in it–especially once I start putting that soil in flats and planting it.  I can’t imagine it will harm the seeds and plants, but I’d hate to take out a whole generation of wormlings by putting them in a place without much food and not as much moisture as they like (and no place to go).

I suppose I can think of it as more organic material, but I guess I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for my little pet compost-eaters.  Guess I’ll go through the pile as slowly as possible and see if I can’t herd those wormlings along with their parents into the pile to go back into the worm bin.


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