Farm Day!

The NOAA forecast predicts 67 degrees for today–sunny and mild.  I’m waking up slowly after having fled my bed at 3am, leaving my poor sick partner to sweat and sneeze all by his lonesome.  Then at 7 I was rudely awakened by a male robin repeatedly challenging his reflection in M’s window to a fight for dominance over my backyard.

Today’s plan is first to see how much of the gardens are significantly dried out to work and plant, and then to work up those areas, amend with manure, and put more peas, spinach, and maybe a few other crops in.  Oh, and there’s some mulberry tree trimming to do by the northeast garden as well.

Too, there’s a few trellises that need cleaning and moving.  I have to start planning not only for the peas I’m putting in now, but also for the later-season crops that needs trellising, such as pole beans and tomatoes.  Some of the pea trellises are in cooler, shadier areas that won’t work as well for heat-loving crops, though I do have at least one variety of tomato that doesn’t mind slightly shadier conditions (that’s Yellow Perfection).

I s’pose I should also try to get in another row of potatoes somewhere, plus move the overwintered leeks to a more conducive spot for their seed-producing year in order to free up that row for some other crop. Everything that’s planted thusfar will get a watering, as I didn’t go out yesterday at all to do that–temps are cool enough that evaporation isn’t a huge problem.

I haven’t got my tomatoes seeded yet–planned on that yesterday, but the separation of the worms from their composted bedding took too long.  I’m waiting for the separated bedding to dry out a little more, so I can sieve it through a finer-gauge screen before adding it to the new batch of seed-starting mix.


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