A Meager Harvest

Nettles, chives, and spinach

Nettles, chives, and spinach

Just got back from the gardens, and boy, was it brutal out there.  The wind was whipping about, and everything was mud and cold.  I had to disconnect the hose line to the well head and the spray wand from the hose to keep them from freezing and breaking over the next few nights.

There was just a little bit of spinach that volunteered from last year’s spring sowing gone to seed, and it came up again this year.  I pulled a couple of the tiny leaves, plus a few thin blades of chives, and scissored a few of the very small emerging nettle clumps to add to the minestrone soup I’m making.

By the time I got back up to the trailer, my hands were so cold I had to run them under warm water in order to tell the difference between the pain from the freezing temperatures and that from the nettle stings.

Nothing’s up yet that we seeded starting on the 16th–that’s good, though.  They’ll fare better if they stay under the soil until this cold snap passes.

As the dog and I started back toward the truck to leave, a pale, fine dust started sifting down and collecting against Vega’s black fur.  Confused for a moment, I reached down to brush it off, and it melted in my hand–snow.


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  1. That looks like a bounty to me! Of course, my Spearfish garden is under two feet of snow. On Sunday, I did spy just a few chives but now they are back to sleep under the snow. Good thing for blue skies today…

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