Onions Flopping? Give ’em a haircut!

If you start onions (or leeks) indoors early in the season, you might have some pretty long, floppy tops by now.  You can take a pair of scissors to them–leaving an inch or two of growth on the plant.

onion-trimmingsThis also sends a signal to the plant to work on its root system and develop a sturdier, stockier plant.  If you have to ask what to do with those trimmings…

Eat them!

I’ve been trimming and moving more plants around this afternoon–bringing another flat of onions upstairs to make room for some red “Rubine” Brussels sprouts I’m going to start.  The pointy-headed cabbages I started a few weeks ago are really close to being transplant-able, so hopefully the weather will settle enough soon.

Here’s an unexpected guest I found riding up on the onion flat:



One response to this post.

  1. My onion seedlings had one of those guests too!

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