The Fight’s not over for Hyperion

In case you forgot that this oil refinery monstrosity is as close to Vermillion as it is to Elk Point, let me remind you that the fight’s not over–come make your opposition heard.

The public hearing for the Hyperion Air Permit is scheduled on April 15th and 16th [Wednesday and Thursday] at the Elk Point Jefferson High School, 402 Douglas St. in Elk Point. The South Dakota Department of Natural Resources’ Board of Minerals and the Environment (BME) will accept written as well as oral testimony which will become part of the public record [Kadous, Pam. “Public hearing set for Hyperion air permit.” Other Options. 25 March 2009.].

The public comment period starts on Wednesday and runs from 3-5pm and again from 7-9pm. Overflow time for the public comment period is on Thursday. If you can’t make it (or are shy), consider submitting written testimony.

You can also get updated information on the process in a friendly down-home environment by stopping by the Spink Cafe on April 11th from 11-3.


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  1. Folks who don’t want the I-29 corridor to turn into a giant polluted industrial zone need to show up at the hearings next week.

    Just in case anyone’s forgotten, Hyperion would not just be an oil refinery for Alberta tar sands crude, which is much dirtier than regular oil. Hyperion also wants to build a coal-fired power plant to power the refinery, using a power plant technology that is still just a pipe dream. This means we’d almost certainly get a much dirtier, more old-fashioned coal plant than the one that’s being promoted. A Hyperion executive reminded folks of the coal plant at the Vermillion Rotary Club meeting today.

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