H and I went out to the asparagus patch this afternoon to survey the work that needs doing there.

Last year, I ordered a few dozen asparagus crowns to transplant in the decades-old patch on the hill.  Using the backhoe, H, carved out the barren sections, and I managed to get in about half of the plants before other projects intervened.  I covered the young plants, but we never managed to get the hole completely filled in.

I honestly didn’t think any of those plants would survive the winter, but in fact, several of them are sprouting little shoots!  We can’t harvest those plants this year, and we’ll probably order more crowns to fill in the gaps, but it’s good to know all that work wasn’t lost.

The older plants haven’t started sprouting yet (they’re planted much deeper), but it’s good to see that sign of spring and the first cultivated veggies getting close to harvest.

When I left the farm this evening, H was out with the string trimmer, cutting all the weeds and grass from around the patch in preparation for spring mulching and more planting.


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