Schedule Change

Up and at ’em early this morning, though I had to set the alarm (something I almost never do) and drag myself out of bed after a midnight return from Dakota Rural Action’s Evening of Green in Brookings last night.

It was good to see all my northern compatriots and introduce H around.  Dinner was amazing–cream of sorrel soup, spring greens salad, homemade bread with honey butter, green garlic and baby spinach ravioli, roasted heritage pork loin with roots veggies, and lavender (!!!) ice cream with strawberry puree.  All local, all fantastically good, and washed down with some locally-produced wines as well.

I’ve got everything watered already and am back in the farm camp working on this and some student essay critiques that need to be finished before the next round starts coming in (that’s tomorrow).  After some time in front of the screen, it’s back out for some thistle and dandelion removal in the gardens, then back in, back out–you get the picture.

Today will be the first hot day down here–hot being in the mid-eighties–though it’ll likely be ninety in our southwestern-sloping microclimate here at the gardens.  Mid-day I’ll head back into town, get cleaned up, and start distributing the DRA South Dakota Local Foods Directory, the release of which last night’s dinner celebrated.

It was a little rough getting moving after that late night–I broke a glass on the bathroom’s tile floor when we got home, so I had to clean that up plus water all the transplants as well before I could wash off the makeup and get out of the fancy clothes and into bed.

In the early spring, I tend to wait until the morning warms before heading out here to the farm, but in typical South Dakota fashion, the spring is short-lived and mornings are now plenty warm to be working as soon as the sun rises, so it’s time to change the schedule.

Today will be a little slow-moving for me, but the schedule change is already in progress–I’m sure I’ll be flat exhausted by the time the sun goes down tonight, so I’ll likely just head to bed early–making tomorrow’s early wake-up just a little easier than today’s.

I probably won’t even have to set an alarm!


2 responses to this post.

  1. 90 ddegrees? There’s still patchy snow on the ground out here by Reva (NW corner of South Dakota). And more snow possible this weekend.

  2. Posted by flyingtomato on April 24, 2009 at 7:06 am

    Hot and windy. Today is going to be nicer, though–mid-to-upper seventies and calm.

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