Beached among the violets

kayak-with-violetsInternet has been down at the house for two days–so I’ve been busy doing the kinds of things that don’t require a connection: finishing up the tomato transplanting into four-packs, laundry, cleaning the dehydrator trays from the great mushroom haul.

Mowed the lawn ahead of last night’s and this morning’s rains–but had to leave the patch of violets down by the neighbor’s garage.  A lovely little nest for my kayak to perch in…

Gardens are growing like gang-busters–the arugula is ready for cutting, spinach is close to harvest size, and the lettuce and salad mix is doing well, too.

Had to post a few notices about the farmers market not starting until the 21st of May–the Cherry Street Reconstruction crew put up our sign already!  At least it’s creating some buzz.

A couple of the other market board members and I got together yesterday morning for the wireless POS device training session that was supposed to last a half hour, lasted an hour, and probably only needed to last about 15-20 minutes.  At any rate, it’s a pretty easy device to learn and use.

So, the work continues.  It’s finals weeek, so there’s plenty of work for me in the online classes, and mulching and planting continues as well as preparations for the market.  I’ll be sending out vendor contracts in the mail by the end of the week!


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