Plantings and Thinnings

After finishing preparations on my summer course that starts tomorrow, I headed out to the gardens to work for the rest of the afternoon.

First item on the agenda: black raspberry patch planted and mulched:

black raspberry patchOnly one plant survived from last year–we just couldn’t get them in the ground on time.  So, now I have eleven plants, and will probably try to get two more from my supplier to fill out the second row.  I put the plants about five feet apart, but the rows are fairly close together.  We’re thinking of running a wire down the middle to tie the canes to.

It was an aromatic task, to say the least.  Directly the the north of the patch, behind the old farmhouse, the white lilacs are all in bloom.

white lilacs 2Across the farm, H was working on brush mowing and dismantling the old hog chute to make way for our new deer fence.  Then he got out the backhoe and started working on the big tree removal project that will clear a way for the fence and a small future orchard.

Harry by shedAfter the raspberry project was finished, I worked on hilling/weeding a row of potatoes.  After that, I pulled back the row cover on the turnips and weeded those.

Of course I pulled a couple of the babies and gobbled them up as I worked down the row.  The Hakurei turnips are really wonderful–I’m thinking I’ll give up on the red stem variety I’ve also been growing after this year and just grow these little sweet and spicy white ones.

The last chore of the day was more about supper than getting more work done–but I did sow that broccoli raab really thickly.  Nothing else to do but thin out and eat the babes–roots and all!

broccoli raab thinningsBaby bok choi–you’re next!


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