Late Start

Late afternoon start in the gardens today–except for dropping off supplies I needed, I didn’t get going until 4pm, after I’d driven to Sioux Falls and back to deposit my sweet boy with his dad.

It was windy and warm this afternoon–pretty bad for transplanting tomatoes like I’d planned, so instead I focused on giving all four gardens that are planted with new young plants a good watering.

I’m concerned about my greens–especially the salad mix and arugula that form the base of the Goddess mix.  Some of the arugula is bolting already under its row cover in the west garden, and the salad mix in the north central garden is so big and burstingly ready-to-go that I’m afraid it won’t even make it to Thursday’s opening market–especially with the mid-eighty degree temperatures forecast for tomorrow.

Anyone know if the Elk Point Tuesday market is going yet?  I’d be tempted to do that, or even ask Shelly if I can set up in front of the Coffee Shop downtown and hawk (hock?) greens.

I watered to the creaking, groaning, and shreiking sounds of H, S&S pulling down and dismantling the old leaning pole barn.  As recently as last year, I was storing extra straw mulch in there, but the thing stood at such an angle that I always made a point of getting in and out fast.

Now its taller poles will make the corners of the new deer fence that’s going up out on the perimeter of the gardens–which will replace the pain-in-the-neck maze of wires that currently serves as a “web of pain” for any deer who wander in, looking for a tasty snack.

Meanwhile, the deer are slipping a little from the forefront of my mind, as I’ve got a few moles along the topmost parts of the northeast and northcentral gardens (I’m sure those peas germinated, but then…), plus I spotted the fat mama woodchuck that’s raising her babies underneath the main barn in the northcentral garden.  Then there’s the assortment of rabbits…

Argh.  So many things to think about right now!  But, we’re heading to Toby’s for chicken, catfish, and red beers…


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