Summer Planting Commences

Today was a big day.  I went out with a page-long list of things that needed to be done, and actually managed to get through more than half of it, despite getting my truck stuck down in the tall grass by the rock pile.

I felt pretty macho for figuring out how to get it out–I was by the rock pile after all, so I simply kept rocking the truck and blocking the back tire that was spinning with chunks of concrete and Sioux quartzite until I managed to get over this little ridge and out.  Of course it helped that H went down and brush-mowed all around the truck so it could dry out a bit.

But it was pretty sweet that while he was bringing chains to hitch me up to the backhoe, I just asked him to get in the back for extra weight and got out!  My bumper is mangled enough from the last two adventures with getting stuck–one in farmyard mud while getting a load of manure this spring, and one in a deep snow-filled ditch after careening off the interstate on black ice this winter.

Anyhow, I was down at the rock pile getting weights for a length of landscape fabric I planted neck pumpkins and Moon & Stars watermelons on/in.  I did that, plus planted summer squash (3 kinds) in the newly christened “hilltop garden” in front of the black raspberries.

Once that was in, weighted, watered, etc., it was back to the main gardens to plant more tomatoes, pole (shell) beans, directed seed sweet and lemon basil, plus sweet peppers and eggplant.  Kelly came out and helped weed and re-seed a row of chard (mole damage! argh!), and I harvested some greens for a neighbor and former CSA member.

Finished up the day by hand-weeding a bed of spinach that I hope will give me at least one more harvest before it bolts.  But with this hot weather (upper eighties today, lower nineties tomorrow and maybe the next day, too), I don’t know how long the greens will last.

The bright side is that if they do bolt prematurely, I’ll have more space to plant more summer crops.  I’ve still got plenty of eggplant, hot peppers, okra, beans, beets, carrots, and more to plant.  Still, I’m sure the greens will at least make it to this week’s opening of the Farmers Market!

But now, I think I’ll head off to bed.  This time of year, I often can barely wait for the sun to set before I think sweet rest sounds like a fabulous idea!


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