Local Foodie Exposed: What’s in the Freezer?

I loved the NYT Magazine series on local foodies that showed what was in their fridges.  In that spirit, I’m doing my own local foodie exposée–the first segment of which is: what’s in my freezer?

Local Foodie Freezer

Local Foodie Freezer

There’s some processed non-local food in there (I’m not a total purist!)–a couple pounds of Organic Valley butter, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Whirled Peace we had to settle for instead of the Mission to Marzipan we wanted to try. There’s also a package of organic phyllo dough I plan to use in the “oh, no, the spinach is bolting” spanikopita-making blitz.

For meat, there’s a couple pounds of local venison, a whole local duck that is probably too freezer-burned for people to eat by now. I do buy the Bluebird locker (DeSmet) German sausage and South Dakota brats; there’s a plank of wild Alaska salmon, and a bag of local walleye filets, too. And a package of smoked ham hocks that my friend Gail brought back from a locker in Mobridge.

For veggies, there’s a package of frozen neck pumpkin from last year’s garden, a bag of local apples for a pie or crumble, two bags of chokecherries frozen with sugar.  There’s a bag and a small freezer box of green tomato-apple chutney I made with the last of the season’s produce.

There’s also four yogurt containers full of morels sautéed in butter, as well as three quart bags of dried morels (yes, I have every mushroom in Clay County in my freezer).  There’s a pint of dillweed puréed with olive oil that will go nicely with the salmon and potato salad this summer.

Other dried produce includes baggies of dried tomatoes, dried garlic greens, and dried apple slices. There’s a bottle of ice-cold Smirnoff vodka for emergencies–I’d have Nate’s local stuff if I could ever get through this bottle.  When’s the Bloody Mary party?  The Smirnoff I bought for a project you’ll hear about when I do my fridge exposée.

And rounding out the contents of my local foodie freezer is the requisite box of baking soda, a tub of homemade tomato-vegetable soup for dinner emergencies, a bag of Red Star yeast for bread baking, and a baggie of calendula blossoms for soap-making.  The reason you can’t see what’s on the door is because it’s pretty boring–that’s where I keep nothing but ice packs for coolers (and there may be a small bottle of peppermint schnapps as well ;-)).

Next segment (once I get it presentable): What’s in the local foodie fridge?

And later: What’s in the local foodie pantry?


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