Market Thursday!

It’s the third week of the Vermillion Area Farmers Market, from 3-7pm at the Clay County Fairgrounds, Vermillion, South Dakota.

Today I’ll have two types of turnips, red and green leaf lettuce, spinach, broccoli raab, bok choy, and a few bundles of asparagus.

I’ll also have two kinds of Goddess mix this week–the regular blend with mixed lettuces, dill and cilantro, a tiny bit of arugula, chive and green onion blossoms–and a special Dilly Goddess blend with no cilantro (yes, it’s true–some people don’t like cilantro), but with dill, green onion blossoms, and Italian flatleaf parsley.

See you at the market!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Which Goddess mix sold out first?

  2. Posted by flyingtomato on June 5, 2009 at 7:43 am

    The regular sold out first–I had twice as much regular as I did the Dilly. But there were several people who were VERY happy to be able to get the mix without cilantro! So, I’ll likely do that again next year.

    I took the cover completely off the salad mix yesterday–I may use my siphonject to give it a shot of fish emulsion through the hose and see if it’ll make one more comeback. Otherwise, it’s time to make room for summer carrots and beets in all those good manured beds!

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