Tomorrow (Thursday) at the Farmers Market

Of course, it all depends on the weather, doesn’t it!  So, unless a major hailstorm comes through, I’ll have the following (and yes, I harvest and sell rain or shine–tornadoes, well, shouldn’t we all get in a basement?):

Green Ice & New Red Fire leaf lettuces–Still tasty! Not bitter! But probably the last cutting!

Prezzemolo Gigante heirloom Italian flatleaf parsley–very sweet and nicely-flavored.  Best flatleaf I’ve grown by far.

Asparagus–no, really!  Not much, and it’s probably getting to be the end of the season, but I just checked the farm patch tonight, and it looks like it’s still coming with all this lovely rain.

Broccoli raab–those plants are still producing tasty turnip-y shoots for garlicky quick-cooking with pasta or as a side dish.

Sugar snap peas–sweet and crunchy to eat pod and all–plain and raw or with dip (I like hummus, but ranch is good, too), and use as snow peas in stir fries, spring pasta dishes (primavera).

Caraflex spring cabbage–the pride of my gardens–well-loved and grown with lots of organic compost, tender and juicy for coleslaw or quick-cooking.  I like to sautée cabbage, canned diced organic tomatoes, spring onions or garlic scapes (Mike’ll have some), and some curry spices and serve over rice.

cabbage NC garden 2009

Hope to see you at the market!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market
Thursdays, 3-7pm
Clay County Fairgrounds
Corner of Cherry & High Streets
Vermillion, South Dakota


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